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May 12, 2015
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A letter from new IFLC President Raman Singh

raman and dad
I got involved in the interfaith community as a young adult attending interfaith Thanksgiving prayer services with my father. These efforts were his personal mission. We started reaching out to people of other faiths because, as Sikhs, a minority that was not well understood, we wanted people to understand us.
In the long run, I have gotten an education too. My son participated in one of the first Religious Diversity Journeys, and I stayed involved as a Sikhism presenter because I could see prejudices breaking down before my eyes.
If we continue to educate more and more seventh graders, to welcome them into our houses of worship, and make them more open-minded and inclusive, I believe we can truly change the world
In the course of our everyday lives, we are often hesitant to talk about our faiths. When we have these programs, for seventh graders, for teens, for adults, we get a chance to get to have these conversations, to ask our questions and share our stories. And as we do, we invariably find that all of our faiths call us to help others.
As we break down the barriers between us, we are creating an atmosphere that allows us to work together on the crucial issues that face our communities. And what I’ve seen is that the more we work together, the more we want to learn about each other. And the more we learn, the better we work together.
As individuals, we walk away from good work enriched on many levels. As a community, we grow and heal and rise together.
One of my focus areas at IFLC in the near future will be to continue to identify areas where we can help coordinate interfaith efforts with greatest impact. And I will be actively seeking the volunteers interested in doing this work. I welcome any and all input on this question.
We may be talking about any of the economic, health or education issues impacting our region. It may also be on the high need area of Adult Religious Literacy. I look forward to sharing our progress and our programs with you on an on-going basis.
I invite you to join us in developing this vision of a more caring and connected future. And I invite you to join in the effort to bring that vision to life.
Let’s work together and we can surmount the seemingly insurmountable.

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