June 28, 2016

Troy Interfaith Labyrinth

A labyrinth is not a maze to get lost in, but a single route into and out of the heart of a circle. Although there is […]
June 22, 2016

Question of the week: Why do Wiccans and Pagans celebrate Litha?

Q: Why do Wiccans and Pagans celebrate Litha? A: Click here By Midnightblueowl _talk_ – I _Midnightblueowl _talk_CC BY-SA 3.0_ https___commons.wikimedia.org_w_index.php_curid_10764393 The IFLC would like to […]
June 22, 2016

Memorial Prayer Service for Orlando and Charleston

As a nation, and as a community, we struggle with the senseless acts of violence that destroy lives and leave gaping holes in families and communities. […]
June 17, 2016

Interfaith prayer service in memory of lives lost in Charleston and Orlando

  Monday, June 20, 5 pm Islamic Center of America 19500 Ford Rd, Dearborn We invite you to join us as faith leaders and congregations from […]
June 14, 2016

Question of the week: Who were the tirthankaras?

Q: Who were the tirthankaras? A: Click here The IFLC would like to help foster our understanding of one another by using our newsletter as a […]
June 14, 2016

Exploring Our Religious Landscapes Registration Open for Fall!

Every day we read the newspapers and see the unrelenting pain and suffering caused by failures of understanding, failures of openness, failures of communication. For those […]