April 21, 2015

The Lunar Calendar

The lunar calendar is based on the phases of the moon, which cycle from the darkness of a new moon to the brightness of a full […]
April 21, 2015

Meet the 2015 IFLC Awards Dinner Honorees. And Save the Date – October 14, 2015

Each year, we gather to honor some of our community’s exceptional activists, raise funds for our community outreach, religious literacy and conciliation efforts, and enjoy an […]
April 14, 2015

Can Jews Marry Non-Jews?

Interfaith marriage in Judaism has historically been looked upon with very strong disfavor by most Jewish faith leaders, and today continues to be very controversial. The […]
April 14, 2015

Local Peacemakers Barbara Talley and Patricia Ann Talley to be Honored

Local activist and peacemaker Barbara Talley and her daughter Patricia Ann Talley are being honored for their peacemaking work at an upcoming Hope United Methodist Church […]
April 7, 2015

The Next 50 Years – Building Community Together in the Legacy of Vatican II

This year marks 50 years since the second Vatican Council absolved the Jewish people of responsibility for the death of Jesus. In the “Nostra aetate” (Latin for “in our time”), […]
March 31, 2015

Face to Faith at the Muslim Unity Center