June 17, 2014

Is it true that orthodox Jewish women shave their heads and wear wigs?

Jewish women have their own unique role and rules in an orthodox Jewish family. The rules of Jewish women include modesty, family purity (the laws of […]
June 10, 2014

“I am a Protestant and went to church with a Catholic friend this past Sunday. While there I was advised that I should not partake in communion. Why?”

Unfortunately, this experience can seem very off-putting and inhospitable to fellow Christians (or others) who attend a Catholic Mass – but that is not at all […]
June 3, 2014

What are the differences between the Christian churches?

The Major Families of Christian Churches Thank you to the Rev. Bob Hart. The Orthodox Church  The Orthodox Church also known as the Eastern Orthodox Church […]
May 27, 2014

Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network

In 2010, Rabbi Dorit Edut participated in a Landmark Education personal and professional development program, The Landmark Forum. She came out of it with a vision […]
May 20, 2014

Do Sikhs have arranged marriages?

Thank you to Raman Singh for the answer. Many Sikhs do have arranged marriages but this is largely a cultural issue, rather than a religious one. […]
May 12, 2014

Community Chorus of Detroit Commemorates Terezin Requiem

As composer and conductor Rafael Schachter was rounded up for deportation to the Terezin concentration camp (Theresienstadt), he was able to grab a few of his […]