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December 12, 2016
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December 19, 2016
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Exploring Our Religious Landscapes – A Wonderful Fall Series

img_0658Our second session of Exploring our Religious Landscapes was a tremendous success, with 125 attendees enjoying generous hospitality, wonderful meals, and fascinating educational sessions at Sri Venkateswara Hindu Temple, Jain Temple of Farmington Hills, First Church of Christ- Scientist, and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some of their comments are below. Thank you to our hosts. We hope you will join us for our Judaism series, which starts in January. Click here for information and registration.
I felt so at home in the Hindu temple, and that is not surprising since I have many Hindu friends. But I have always been struck by the similarity between Unitarianism (my religion) and the Hindu religion. I love the colors and smells in the temple, and there is so much to look at, I could have stayed for hours, and asked a million questions.
Enjoyed the speaker very much.  I liked the discussion at my table during dinner-there was a lot of interaction.
I find many other religions, especially those from India and others in the far east, fascinating as they allow me to enter a world unknown to me–a culture, a people, a history, a language, and a belief system.
Interesting about how reducing their impact on the world is such a large part of their religion.
Church of Christ- Scientist
Really learned so much. As a nurse, I was surprised to learn about those who minister to the sick without professional training.
My aha moment was learning that Christian Scientists DO allow medical intervention.  I enjoyed visiting the church and hearing all about the belief system and the history.
Beautiful people especially the healers that spoke at the end — their holiness radiated from them.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The presenters were extremely well-prepared and hospitable.  They were honest and forthright about their faith, but demonstrated appropriate openness to diversity and the participants who were present.  Once more, the meal was outstanding.  I gained a great deal of knowledge from this session and was able to make sense of different “pieces” of LDS I had known–They offered a helpful framework to put things together.
I love how the family unit is an integral part of their religion.  I didn’t know that at all.  I can’t believe how many people volunteer for all the roles in their church.  Wow.

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