Children of all faiths celebrating World Sabbath at Christ Cranbrook Church

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6-7 p.m. Wednesday Feb. 20

Madonna University Kresge Hall

This free, open to the public event is an opportunity to hear about the lives and faith practices of young local Muslims.

What are the challenges of living out your faith as a North American Muslim youth?
What are the dietary requirements of your faith, and do you find it hard to keep to them?
How does your faith impact your social relationships?

Moustafa Habra, a high school student, and Mazan Tayyen, a young adult, will help bring understanding about Islam in North America

People may show at the door, but it is kindly encouraged to pre-register with Jasmine Jenkins, IFLC Administrator at or (419) 561-5772

This event co-sponsored by the Interfaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit and Madonna University