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Interfaith is an Important Tool to Combat Injustice – a Message from IFLC Chairman Robert Bruttell

Photo credit: Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society

What Kevin Creamer, a  2018 Imagining Justice in Baltimore Fellow and an Associate at Catholic Charities of Baltimore, says below, could have been said here in Detroit. If you read this excerpt from his blog post in the context of the fact that Detroit has historically been significantly Catholic and that white flight was significantly Catholic you understand that religion had a role in creating the toxic segregation we live with today despite powerful Catholic social justice teachings that might have caused white Catholics like me and my forebears to act differently.

What do we do now?

“Now more than ever, interfaith dialogue is one of our most important tools for combating these injustices. When we bear collective witness to the truths of our beliefs, we can no longer hide from our accountability to one another. It becomes obvious when we have used the veneer of our religious identity to build barriers instead of bridges. This is particularly important for white believers (like myself) of all traditions, who disproportionately benefit from the toxic luxury of being shielded from the consequences of their own indifference.

Sharing religious values authentically means grappling honestly with our failures to live up to our own values, both as individuals and as institutions. For me as a Christian, it means looking to the transformative power of Jesus’ message while understanding the role that Christianity has played in creating the inequalities of today. While there are no easy fixes, reconciling these tensions in collaboration with one another is the only way forward.”

[This quote is from a guest post by Kevin Creamer, Associate to the Executive Director at Catholic Charities of Baltimore and a 2018 Imagining Justice in Baltimore Fellow. Learn more about the Imagining Justice in Baltimore series.]

The IFLC welcomes guest blog submissions that answer the prompt: How do you envision a more harmonious community? Please send your submissions to with your contact information for consideration.

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