Our Staff

Stacy Gittleman

Newsletter Editor, Social Media Administrator

Stacy Gittleman is an award-winning journalist and a contributing writer for the Detroit Jewish News for the last five years. Prior to moving to Metro Detroit in 2013, she was a columnist and feature writer for the Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester, NY. She also manages social media pages for other local non-profit organizations. At IFLC, Gittleman writes the weekly newsletter, manages the upcoming events calendar on the website, and also posts about interfaith happenings on the organization’s Facebook page. In addition to her writing, Gittleman has also been a Jewish educator working in synagogues both in Metro Detroit and Rochester, N.Y. teaching children about Judaism from preschool to high school. She first became aware of IFLC when she was asked to cover the Jewish tract of Religious Diversity Journeys several years ago for the Detroit Jewish News and interviewed non-Jewish kids and their impressions of Jewish traditions and other aspects of RDJ for a lengthy feature. The next few years, she was invited back during the tracks on Judaism to teach some Israeli folk dances to the seventh graders, who happily followed along. “I was impressed at how respectful and inquisitive the children were, sitting in an unfamiliar house of worship,” Gittleman said. “You can see in how they were learning the embodiment of the mission of IFLC – breaking down barriers and dismantling stereotypes we may harbor about each other through learning about each other’s religions in a non-threatening, hands-on interactive setting.” Outside of her writing, Stacy lives with her husband Craig in West Bloomfield and they have three children: Jolie, 21, Nathan, 19 and Toby, 14. She enjoys traveling back to her hometown New York City whenever she can, hiking, gardening, participating in community theater, and yoga. Gittleman is always looking out for the next great interfaith story and is always fielding questions you may have about religion in the newsletter’s Question of the Week section. So please contact her with your events, story ideas and questions at stacyiflc@gmail.com

Wendy Miller Gamer

Program Director

Wendy Miller Gamer is a community-organizing professional with two decades of experience. She has engaged students and adults in outreach, development and informal education programming in a diverse range of faith-communities including those in Portland Oregon, Boston, New York City, Chicago & Detroit. At IFLC, Wendy directs Religious Diversity Journeys (RDJ) for 7th graders, Exploring our Religious Landscapes (ERL) for adult learners and engages with individuals and groups throughout Metropolitan Detroit in order to build strong and productive interfaith connections and relationships. Wendy holds a MA in American Jewish Sociology from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and a Master of Science in Social Work (MSW) from Columbia University. Wendy can be reached at Wendy.IFLC@gmail.com.