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Parashakthi (Eternal Mother) Temple in Pontiac to Celebrate Rajagopuram Grand Opening August 16 – 23

Dr. G. Krishna Kumar is a gastroenterologist at Beaumont Hospital, adjunct professor of Medicine at Wayne State University. He is the founder and spiritual director of the Divine Mother Temple in Pontiac, and a practitioner of kundalini meditation.
It was in a deep meditative state that the vision for the temple was given to him by the divine mother, in Hindu tradition, the feminine aspect of the divine, or Shakthi. In it she asked him to build a house for all her devotees here to come visit her and receive her blessings for peace, happiness and success.
Her request included a vision of the land, the temple’s site on 16 acres in Pontiac, which bears a remarkable geological resemblance to the site of the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, India.
Dr. Kumar reached out to the community and inspired many with his vision and dedication, working to bring together the will, the energy, and the means to realize the creation of this place of gathering, worship and celebration.
In 1999, the Temple was completed.
This year marks the completion of a Raja Gopuram, a grand tower containing representations of 520 manifestations of divine energy, or deities, that is meant to focus the cosmic energy of the supreme power. It was created as a place to connect to them in order to reach the next level of human consciousness, ultimately leading to liberation.
Each of the figures on the architecturally marvelous tower was carved by Indian artisans, members of families whose ancestors have been sculptors for generations. The base was created of granite in India, and all the pieces assembled here. The project took eight artisans three years to complete.
The Divine Mother Temple will hold a week of events to celebrate the completion of the Rajagopuram, August 15- 23. It will begin with a talk by Dr. Kumar on the Significance of the Maha Kumbabhishekam and Rajagopuram for World Peace and Protection. It will also include daily events over the week, culminating in a sprinkling of flowers from a helicopter.
Click here for a schedule of events and more information on the Divine Mother Temple and the Rajagopuram.

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