What is the Religious Diversity Journeys Program?

RDJ LogoWithin the Religious Diversity Journeys program, select seventh grade students participate in six school-day field trips (one trip per month, November-April)  that focus on the differences and similarities among the major religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism with a program summation either at the Detroit Institute of Arts or the Holocaust Memorial Center.  Students are provided the unique opportunity to ask questions, tour houses of worship and share a meal with those of different faith traditions. The purpose of this program is to promote greater understanding, awareness and knowledge concerning the many religions prevalent in the metro-Detroit area and to prepare students for life in our increasingly diverse society.  The diversity message for the students, with pointed discussion about the negative effects of prejudice, stereotyping and bullying of different religious groups, has become an integral part of each Journey.   Students and parents from previous programs indicated that these Journeys were enormously successful, and gave the program very high marks in their evaluations.


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