What does religion mean to today’s Americans? Are we living up to religious principles? How can religion remain an essential part of contemporary life?

In today’s turbulent times, these are questions we all may be grappling with. Detroit Faith & Works tries to find some answers, or at least spark some great conversation. Each podcast features a panel of local religious leaders and members of the InterFaith Leadership Council community.

Episode One: What is the Role of Religion in America?
Episode Two: What is the Function of Religion?

Episode Three: The Impact of the Black Church on American Music

Episode Four: The Impact of The Black Church on American Music: Part Two

The conversation about sacred music continues with Bob Bruttell and Reverend Robert B. Jones Sr. American music has become a mix of European and African tradition. The group look at the segregation era and how, as Wynton Marsalis put it, tradition has called out for separation, while music became a connecting force. We want integration, but our tradition causes us to split. How does understanding where our music comes from help to bridge the divide?

Episode Five: The Impact of the Black Church on American Music: Part Three

Episode 6: Artificial Intelligence and Applied Technology: Their Ethics & Concerns
Episode Seven: The Legacy of Martin Luther King: Can We Hear Him Now?
Episode Eight: The Pandemic and Faith: How has COVID-19 affected faith for young adults?

Episode Nine: Weaponizing Words

Episode Ten: Anti-Democracy, Anti-Diversity

Episode Eleven: The Effects of COVID-19 on Practices of Worship

Episode Twelve: Is There a Conflict Between Vaccines and Religion?